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Commercial Outdoor Lighting

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Commercial Outdoor Lighting Experts

From design consultation through installation of our premium commercial outdoor lighting fixtures and exceptional maintenance, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is your full-service outdoor lighting source. You'll enjoy the services of professional lighting designers, installers and an upkeep team that assures your commercial outdoor lighting system remains in top condition. You'll never even need to change another light bulb. We do it all.

On existing buildings, we can even offer you a free commercial outdoor lighting demonstration. You'll be able to see in advance exactly what imaginative landscape and architectural outdoor lighting can do for your commercial property.

Functional made Fabulous

Commercial Outdoor Lighting Design Plans

Beyond meeting industry safety standards, our commercial outdoor lights satisfy the highest aesthetic standards. We begin by establishing a goal. What do you want your commercial outdoor lights to do? Do you want your building to "pop" or do you prefer a more subtle approach? Is there a particular dramatic effect or mood you want your outdoor lights to create?

Then, we study your commercial site. From the colors and textures of your building, to the unique architectural and outdoor features of your property, every detail is carefully evaluated to establish the best commercial outdoor lights that will highlight your finest assets.

The Science of Illumination

Perfect Commercial Outdoor Lighting Illumination

Commercial outdoor lighting design is first and foremost about the light. Beyond foot candles, our designers look at the lumens and the color temperature. We rely heavily on the Color Rendering Index to decide which commercial outdoor light will best highlight each architectural feature.

Of course, we also weigh the efficiency, life and durability of the outdoor light against its CRI value and intended use. Usually, an installation will use a combination of different wattage bulbs and lighting effects for maximum appeal and cost efficiency.

New Directions in Lighting

Commercial Outdoor Lighting Design Expertise

Once the commercial outdoor light selection is determined, a well-designed lighting plan requires close attention to each light's direction. Up lighting must be directed in a way that avoids light spillage. Commercial outdoor light in parking lots needs to eliminate dark spots while avoiding light encroachment onto neighboring properties. Paths and stairs require light that illuminates without creating glare or a flatness that can hamper depth perception. Yet, with all the technical and functional constraints with commercial outdoor light, it is as much an art as a science. A few inches' variance on each beam can mean the difference between ordinary and extraordinary lighting effects.

Quality is a Fixture

Hand Crafted Brass & Copper Fixtures

To assure the highest level of quality, all of our commercial outdoor lighting fixtures are manufactured to our exact specifications right here in the USA. Handcrafted of corrosion-resistant materials, our commercial fixtures may incorporate solid cast brass, stainless steel, and cast aluminum.

All of our commercial outdoor lighting fixtures are thoughtfully designed with a timeless styling that graciously blends with natural landscaping. Many can be powder coated in custom colors to meet your individual needs.

Quality is the hallmark of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Saint Louis. Quality design. Quality outdoor fixtures. Quality service. Our installations are built to last.

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