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Holiday Lighting

The Holiday Lighting Process

The holiday lighting process is a multi step process that is reoccurring every year. First we will meet with you to design a holiday lighting plan on our computer, and be able to show you the finished product on the spot with our patented software! Then we will install the lighting plan, take it down, store it for you in our office, and next year reinstall it, and continue the process year after year. You could even email us a picture of your home and we can design it and email it back to you fully lighted and with a quote.

The Product

We have teamed up with a distributer out of Omaha, NE called Holiday Bright Lights. They are known in the industry for the quality and effect their product puts off. We will be using all LED lights that last ten times longer and use 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs and boast an estimated life of 100,000 hours. Using LED lights also lowers the chances of overloading circuits or GFCI’s which is a huge problem when using incandescent bulbs. Along with the lighting we will be offering, garland, wreathes, displays, bows and anything else you might want in your holiday decorating.

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