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We started off looking for the best timer and have come away with so much more. As you may know, there has never really been a good timer to control devices in your home. The options have ranged from a inexpensive rotary timer to timers that were so complex nobody could figure it out.

After two years of research, OLP introduced the ultimate timer. We program your exact latitude and longitude and the timer knows the sunset at your home every night. We then program your “off” time and you never have to adjust it again. We now have our timer installed at numerous locations and this number is growing each month. This timer is able to self adjust for day light savings, and the changing sunset each day. It is also able to link each transformer so they can be controlled together. Simply set it and forget it.

The LCA timer has the ability to go into "vacation mode".This will turn lights on and off giving the appearance someone is home when you are not.

As improvements are made to the timer we are able to up-date it and constantly improve on a great idea. This timer is capable of controlling 256 different devices either together or separately. We have replaced many customers’ switches for their front porch lights with one of our proprietary smart switches. The timer then turns the front porch lights on every night at 75% power, so your home always looks welcoming. This same switch can also control your low voltage lighting. Imagine, never having to think about your lighting system again, simply sit back and enjoy the view.

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