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LED Outdoor Lighting

LED's are the future of lighting , they are an ultra energy effecient type of lighting. The typical LED fixture uses 75%-80% less energy to run than a typical halogen. A 3.7w LED fixture will put off the same amount of light as a 20w halogen bulb, and a 8.5w LED fixture puts out the same amount of light as a 35w halogen bulb.

Not only do LED bulbs save money in energy consumption, but each bulb will also last an average of 50,000 hours compared to 4,000 hours for our pathway light bulb, and 7,000 hours for our well light bulb. In the lifespan of an LED light, you would have had to change a pathway light 13 times, and you would have had to replace the well light bulb 7 times.

These fixtures can be added to your existing system and match the color of your current lights, or they can be used to replace your current fixtures as well.

Our LED line is manufactured by a California company, DG Lights, and is ultra-high quality compared to everything else currently available. The materials are all solid machined brass and copper.

  • Other Mfg's make disposable fixtures. If the LED or driver stops working the entire fixture must be replaced. Our fixtures have replaceable LED's, Drivers, and even optics to change beam spread from spot to wide flood.

  • Almost all other fixtures have the driver and LED board very close to each other in the design which can
    create long term life problems due to the extra heat from the driver. We use a remote driver which
    eliminates the problem

  • Heat is a real killer for LED's. All other fixtures we've looked at don't provide adequate heat sinks to pull
    heat away from the LED chip. That is why we are using solid metals that are designed to sustain the life of
    the LED itself.

Pl-100 Light Fixture
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XT Light Fixture
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