Stunning, eco-friendly outdoor lighting design, installation, service and maintenance.


An Undying Passion for Perfect Illumination
At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Saint Louis, we're more than passionate about ensuring you can continue to enjoy the perfect illumination of your home and outdoor living spaces. Months or years after your outdoor lighting installation, we want your lighting to look as stunning as it did the first time you saw your home magically light up at night.

Our Systems or Your Systems
We service all lighting systems. Whether your system is from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Saint Louis or any other company, we service them all. We have highly trained expert lighting specialists to do anything from replacing bulbs to tightening or re-burying wires, checking your transformers and even pruning some of your shrubs, if necessary, to ensure the perfect illumination of your home's best architectural and landscape features.

Let's Assess Your Current System Together
As a service, we offer a free nighttime design consultation and lighting demonstration to everyone interested in purchasing outdoor lighting - as well as to homeowners considering improving their existing lighting system - even if you didn't purchase from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Saint Louis.

Annual Maintenance Plans
No other outdoor lighting Annual Maintenance Plan is as thorough as our Annual Maintenance Plan. On an annual basis, we replace all bulbs, repair any damaged wire, straighten fixtures, inspect the transformer, reset or check the timer and perform simple changes to enhance the effects of your lighting. Throughout the year, you receive priority response and repairs at no charge. Your lighting system remains headache-free and operating beautifully.

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